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Whether it's brooding, wild and stormy, or reflective, calm and serene, the sea stirs something deep inside me.  Perhaps it's a wide horizon that inspires a sense of freedom and adventure.  Maybe it's the wild, powerful drama laced with the latent menace lurking in a tempest.  It could be the incredible beauty and glowing reflections in a spectacular sunrise or sunset.  Or simply that being beside it with a camera makes me feel alive.  

The call of the sea has been there since I was a small child back in the 60's.  From swimming, snorkelling and fishing, to surfing, kayaking and diving, the sea is in my blood.  And through all the time I have spent in, on or under it, I have been building a wider understanding and appreciation of its seasonal states and elemental moods.  

As for photography, my father and both grandfathers were keen amateur photographers, so this too was in my genes.  At school the influential Head Of Art, Mr Bowerman, took me under his wing and gave me free rein of his jealously guarded photography department.  Here an Olympus OM1 and endless rolls of Ilford B&W film saw me developing my camera and dark room skills.  Under his guidance, I was taught to use a camera and the developing process as creative tools to be experimented with.

After leaving Art College I got a job in a West End studio where I served my apprenticeship in the dark room before moving on to a career in Advertising & Design.  This saw me art directing a wide range of photographers, alongside gaining my own commissions.  

By 1990 the digital studio had taken over graphics production and I had embraced the amazing imaging and creative capabilities of Adobe Photoshop.  However I doggedly insisted on using film cameras and hi-res scanned imagery for nearly two decades.  Yet when the full frame sensor and Raw file technology came along, I finally gave in and my photography was transformed overnight.  Not only on the commercial side, where the lucrative resource was now brought fully in-house.  But down on my beloved tidelines, where the DSLR set me free!  

No longer would frame counting shackle the impulse to shoot.  There was no more changing film on storm-swept beaches.  The exposure triangle was rounded by the ability to change ISO at will.  And in conjunction with a range of ND filters and my experimental psyche - that included employing a powerful flash gun - it all began to work wonders.  

In 2011, after being cajoled into entering - as competitions are not really my thing - I won the coveted 'Cornish Point Of View' award.  This gained wider recognition and led to my first solo Seascape exhibition in 2012.  I created my brand around a logo using a verdant leaf, to shape my initials, and symbolise the energy derived from light.  Which underpinned the ethos behind my work.  I launched my first website with an online shop that promoted image sales, and subsequently went on to win another Cornwall-based competition run by a regional Oil Company - after more cajoling!  Subsequently, in the two years I entered, I had a number of my Cornish images shortlisted for Outdoor Photographer Of The Year.

As you can see, Cornwall featured strongly in my work.  I first visited in 1974 on a family holiday and immediately fell in love.  With its clear, turquoise sea and vast golden beaches, clutching my snorkel & fins, fishing rod and belly board, I was in my element. When it came time to go home, I precociously announced that I wanted to live here.

Nearly forty years later, after taking my cameras on adventures and commissions right around the UK and abroad, I finally kept my promise and left London and the Home Counties behind, to follow my dream and focus on my passion for Seascape photography.  

Today, from my studio on Cornwall's magnificent Atlantic Coast, I range far and wide, searching for drama and dynamic atmospherics at remote and unspoilt coastal locations. I travel extensively but Celtic coasts always draw me as I continuously try to extend capturing the elemental emotion found in wild light and reflections. 

Alongside Commercial commissions and Limited Edition image sales, I run Cornish Seascape Workshops.  Since starting in 2013 my course has gained an international reputation for enjoyment, excellence and results.  This is because all the skills I have gained in my professional career and the wide experience of such close and extended contact with the coast, come together in this unique residential course.  Please visit the Workshop section for more information.

To contact me about any aspect of my photography and services you can email me at -


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